If you're wondering, baptism and christening are the same thing!

At Aylesford Church, both adults and children/babies can be baptised. You would normally live in the parish of Aylesford and Eccles, but we are often asked to baptise someone who has links with the parish for example you used to live here or you were married in our Church. That is normally fine, so long as we receive the permission of your local Vicar. One question, sometimes asked too, is "can we have our child baptised if we aren't married?" The answer is yes. The Vicar or person from the church will normally meet with you to talk about baptism and the service, and explain that when you make promises, you take on the responsibility for keeping them; we don not "vet" people or try to put obstacles in your way.

Our baptisms normally take place in the Family Service on the first Sunday of each month. This service is more informal than some of the other services and there are many members of our Church there to welcome you; after all, baptism is about welcoming a new member into the church. Many children are invited to baptism services, and this aims to be a child-friendly service. We occasionally have baptisms at other times for particular reasons; these reasons would need to be discussed with the Vicar.

For enquiries regarding available dates for baptisms and any general information, please contact:

Parish Office (open Tues and Thurs 9am - 2pm)

Tel: 01622 719366
Fax: 01622 791746

Aylesford Church Baptism font