Tower Bells

Aylesford Parish Church has eight bells, the oldest two of which were cast in 1651. The band of ringers meets on Sunday mornings to ring for the 10am service and for practice on Tuesday evenings from 8pm to 9.15pm. Bells are in demand for celebrating weddings too.

The unique English art of change ringing services to call people to worship and as a reminder that the needs of the parish and of the world are being prayed for. It is a skilful exercise of teamwork that requires concentration and dexterity, and can be very satisfying. And it has a significant social side too, both within the band and between towers locally and more widely.

Although ringing involves the rapid movement of heavy masses of metal (our heaviest bell weighs more than 13 hundredweight) the bells are well balanced and can be rung without requiring great strength. In fact they can be rung by 11 year olds and 80 year olds.

Visitors are welcome on practice night, maybe just to see ringing in action or perhaps to find out if its something that they would like to take up. Either way do come and see.

For more information please contact the Church Office 01622 719366 or to be put in touch with the ringers.

Aylesford Church Bell ringing
Aylesford Church Bell ringing


Handbells were originally provided in towers to enable ringers to practise change ringing more conveniently. However, they are also used extensively to ring tunes, usually in small teams, but sometimes in massed ringing of 50 or more ringers. Musical arrangements can be very sophisticated.

Aylesford Church has a set of bells and a team of ringers who practise most weeks on Monday evenings and give occasional performances in church or elsewhere. We have moved on from number charts to real staff notation music, a bit of a challenge to us but we are progressing together.

For more information please contact: Barbara and Gordon Hunt on 01622 769634.