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A new page to keep you informed about all the changes to church life being brought about by the coronavirus.

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Permanent link for the Sunday morning 10am service every week. Join from 9.40am. 
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24th may - Seventh sunday of easter - glorify my name

A Service of the Word with Holy Communion. Here is the recording of the service. 

This week we explore Jesus' beautiful High Priestly Prayer. Do read through John 17. 1-11 before the service, if you get the chance, and feel the breathtaking movement from majesty to intimate care. Jesus says that the hour has come for him to glorify the Father. He prays for those (us) who have kept God's word and so belong to God. He prays for their protection in the world as he leaves it, and that they may be one. We'll be thinking about how we encourage that unity and reflect his glory.

You will only need a candle and the service sheet.

The children's sheet for this week's theme is here and here's a family time sheet if you would like to continue to explore this week's theme at home.

22nd may - messy church

On Friday this week, we will be holding Messy Church again, via Zoom, starting at 4pm. Our theme this week is the feeding of the 5000, so please could you find a picture to colour of the feeding of the 5000, or a picture of bread or fishes or both ... or please make a model of either, or maybe bake some bread (probably best not to bring any fish!).If you would like to learn the song, it's called 'One Basket' and it's on YouTube here.

Messy Church is an all-age event for families with primary school age children. We hear a Bible story, enjoy various crafts and activities, reflect on what we've been doing and hearing and usually sing something! It's a lot of fun and although it's a bit different at the moment it's really good to see each other.

The link is:

Meeting ID: 868 8895 8904. Password: 425568. Please join from 3.45pm.

Looking forward to seeing you!

21st may - ascension day

This Thursday is Ascension Day, the day that Jesus left the disciples and rose to heaven. A number of people from around Malling Deanery have put together a short service which will be premiered on our You Tube channel at 6pm on Thursday evening. The link is:   With Revd Jane Winter preaching. Led by Revd David Green, West Malling, where the service was due to be held.

17th may - sixth sunday of easter - all the help we need

Here's the recording from this week's Come & Praise service. 

We can't include the music in the recording because that's against copyright. The songs were:
Come down O Love divine
If ye love me - Thomas Tallis
Silent Surrendered - Margaret Rizza
Shine Jesus, Shine

We follow on from last week - Jesus tells us more about following in his way. He explains that we must love God and keep his commandments, which may sound like a tall order, but he promises us help in the form of the Holy Spirit. We were very sorry also, to include the news that Norman Simister passed away during the evening of 16th May.

Here is the service sheet, and please have a paper heart ready - one that's big enough to write or draw on (and a pen, pencil or crayons). Ideally your paper heart will be quite large (as wide as A4 if possible) and please have some scissors ready too.

The children's sheet for this week's theme is here and here's a family time sheet if you would like to continue to explore this week's theme at home.

10th May - fifth sunday of easter - i am the way

Here we are - sharing The Peace this morning. Here is the service recording. Download the service sheet if you would like to follow the words.

This week we hear Jesus' words of reassurance that his disciples will still be with him even after he has gone. He explains that he is the way, the truth and the life and that anyone who has seen him has seen the Father. Are we travelling with him closely enough to really see the Father? Can we sense that we will not be abandoned?

We will also be marking VE Day in words and prayers.

Here is the service sheet, and this week, the only other thing you need is a stone each - not too small but one that you can hold in your hand.

The children's sheet for this week's theme is here and here's a family time sheet if you would like to continue to explore this week's theme at home.

8th May - VE DAY & messy church

On Friday this week, we will be combining Messy Church with Rochester Cathedral's Big Picnic for Hope.

Messy Church will be held again by Zoom, starting at 3.30pm, so that you can join in with the cathedral later if you would like to.

Children - please bring a plate of your favourite party/picnic food to show (and also take a picture of it for the church Facebook page). Also bring a flag or something to wave.

The link is:

Meeting ID: 839 6546 2906. Password: 984695. Please join from 3.15pm.

Looking forward to seeing you!

The Big Picnic for Hope is an opportunity for your household to be part of a virtual get together, to help honour heroes past and present.

Many of us would have been commemorating the 75th Anniversary of VE Day on 8th May. Around the country, families and friends would have been gathering for street parties and celebrations which are, unfortunately, no longer possible. However, even in the current lockdown we can still come together to recognise this date through our Big Picnic for Hope.

The Big Picnic for Hope also allows us to celebrate the heroes of our new ‘homefront’. Those risking their lives, the NHS, carers, delivery personnel, workers across food stores or public transport, and the remarkable collective effort of the nation to stay home and play our own individual part in helping to see this through. More information ...

The Big Picnic for Hope is in aid of the Trussell Trust who support a nationwide network of food banks and provide emergency food and support to people locked in poverty. If you would like to donate to support them, please click below.


3RD MAY - family service

Here we are ... sharing objects that represent abundance to us! Here's the audio recording if you would like to listen to the service. Download the service sheet if you would like to follow the words.

3rd May - fourth Sunday of Easter - shepherds and gates (AND ABUNDANT LIFE)

At tomorrow's Family Service we'll be hearing about Jesus, our shepherd. Oh - but he's also a gate?? And if we're supposed to follow his example, what are we? Shepherds? Or gates? Or both?

Come and join us for another time of discovery (and yes, I do mean continuing to discover the surprises that the new technology we're using keeps springing on us as well!).

Here is the service sheet, and this week, we will also need a cuddly sheep (of course!) if you have one, a cotton wool ball each and, if you have an object that represents abundance to you, please have that ready too.

Here's a children's sheet and a family-time sheet on the same theme.

After the service please get a coffee and stay and chat for a while if you would like to. A short spoken service of Holy Communion will follow after about 15 minutes. Here is the service sheet for that.

The link to the service is:

Meeting ID: 859 6162 3424
Password: 862963

You'll be able to link in from 9.40am. Please join in plenty of time to begin the service at 10am.

From this week onwards, the link to every Sunday service will remain the same (as above) so please pass it on to family and friends if they would like to join in too!

1st may

For the first time ... Messy Church via Zoom!
Friday 1st May, 4pm start, for about an hour.

The theme will be a 'fishy tale' so beforehand, please could children create a picture, make a model or anything else related to a fish, that they can show.

This will be a shorter session than usual because, sadly, we won't be eating together, but it will be lovely to get together.

The link to the meeting is:
Meeting ID: 845 3215 4819
Password: 670108

This is for all families. You don't need to be a churchgoer. Just link in and say hello. You will be very welcome.

Zoom is generally easy to use, but if you're not sure contact Aline, 01622 716608, and she will do her best to help.

26th April - third Sunday of Easter

Tomorrow we'll be having what the Church calls a Service of the Word with Holy Communion - this means there's a bit more flexibility which helps with our unusual situation!

We'll be hearing about the two disciples walking back from Jerusalem to their home in Emmaus. They were in despair about the death of Jesus. Jesus appeared and walked beside them, but they did not recognise him. He taught them from the scriptures (oh to have been there with them!) and they saw who he was when he broke bread with them.

This is another of the resurrection appearances; another chance for us to recognise Jesus with us in the most unexpected of circumstances, and we look forward to hearing Peter Smith's reflections on that.

Here is the service sheet, and this week, the only extra thing you need is some bread, enough for each person to have a taste.

The children's sheet for this week's theme is here

The link to the service is:

Meeting ID: 842 2216 5338
Password: 350378

You'll be able to link in from 9.40am. Please join in plenty of time to begin the service at 10am.

For those without an internet connection, please see below.

22nd April - Dial-a-service

For anyone, but especially for those without an internet connection, we have a new phone service ... Dial-a-Service. The phone number to call is:

01622 322767

You simply call and listen. It's a local number so you'll be charged at your usual rate. When you call you'll hear a greeting message and then you are asked to wait. It's quite a long pause untilthe system finds the recording, so don't give up.

The current recording is of some of the content from last Sunday's service - welcome and opening prayers, reading, reflection, poem, intercessions and blessing. The recording is here. It lasts about 25 minutes.

Let us know what you think! And please let as many people as possible, who don't have internet access, know about it.

19th April - Second Sunday of Easter

Lovely to see everyone's smiling faces this morning at our Zoom Come & Praise. Here is the soundtrack if you would like to listen. You might also like to have a copy of the service sheet, these optical illusions and a nail (as in an iron nail), as large as you've got.

Here is the soundtrack from the short, spoken service of Holy Communion that followed the main service, and the service sheet.

'Peace be with you' ... the words of Jesus to disciples locked indoors in fear. What can he say to us? Especially to those of us who doubt
he's alive?

This week is Come & Praise - a more informal, all-age and interactive (as much as is possible virtually!) service. 

This week you will need the service sheet, these optical illusions and a nail each (as in an iron nail), as large as you've got.

If you would like to stay after the main service for a short service of spoken Holy Communion, here's the service sheet for that.

The children's sheet for this week's theme is here. If any children (or adults?!) joining us on Sunday morning would like to do a bit of cutting and sticking, and make a scene to accompany the Bible reading, here's a template. We will look forward to seeing the finished thing!

The link to the service is:

Meeting ID: 816 3985 8715
Password: 769517

You'll be able to link in from 9.40am. Please join in plenty of time to begin the service at 10am.

Looking forward to seeing you!


A printed Easter newsletter has gone to all the people we're aware of, who can't keep in touch so easily, because they don't have access to the internet. They were also sent some printed prayers. If you know of anyone else who may appreciate a copy (that can be delivered safely) of either or both, then they are here: newsletter and prayers. Please fill in the person's name on the newsletter.

12th april - easter day

10am - Holy Communion for Easter Day

Here is the soundtrack from the service, and here is the service sheet. If you would like to follow along with the activity during the sermon you will need a pair of paper feet - draw around your own or here's a template. You'll also need a pen, pencil or maybe some crayons, depending on how artistic you're feeling! You'll also need to stop the soundtrack at the point in the sermon, as you'll hear, so you have the time to reflect as suggested.


2pm - An Hour at the Cross.

A service for Good Friday including reflections by Peter Smith, our Lay Reader, with prayers and music. A quiet and sombre service to remember and reflect upon the cost of our freedom, and to allow us to acknowledge the grief, fear and anxiety we're all feeling.

Here's the service sheet.

9th april - maundy thursday

A sequence of words and prayers with some music to help us reflect on the momentousness of the events in the Upper Room.

Please have ready a candle and a bowl of warm water with a towel. (This is for hand washing, not feet washing).

Here is the service sheet.


We would have liked to have made the video of the service available but we are working out the best way of complying with GDPR.

It was wonderful to join with so many people this morning, old friends and new faces.

Here is the 10am order of service (and here's the one for the short Communion service that follows). 

Palm Crosses

As it's Palm Sunday, you will need a palm cross of course! Maybe you have one left from last year. If not, there are plenty of instructions for making them from paper or floral ribbon etc, on the web.

Here's a good one for children. Here's another on YouTube. Be ready to press the pause and rewind buttons – it may take a while to get the hang of it! If you don't have any palm fronds handy you can easily make it with long strips of paper, perhaps ½ inch wide or so. You could even decorate it, before or after folding. Another good video.

There are lots of other videos and instructions online. Just find one you like the look of and have a go!

Alternatively a palm branch might be fun - especially for the younger ones. Watch the video for the one made out of hand prints. These look nice too although maybe for the more adventurous.

Looking forward to seeing them all on Sunday! And you!

2nd april

Another big THANK YOU to The Chequers who are now including our information about phone contact with everyone's food boxes, so that anyone who would like a regular phone call can join the 70 or so we're already supporting.


Sunday morning's service will be held over ZoomZoom is an online service that allows the setting up of large meetings of people over the internet. We have been using it very successfully for the last two weeks, for meetings and for morning and evening prayer. 

If you haven't used it before it will help if you have already downloaded the Zoom app from here, although this is not essential, as it will start to download when you join the 'meeting'.

The only other thing you need to join the meeting is this link:

You will be able to join from 9.50am.

We're going to follow the liturgy that we've been using for Midweek Communion during Lent. We will be following this order of service (which we'll adapt as necessary).

Please do try to join in. It's a lot easier than it may seem and it will be so good to see everyone.

24th MARCH

Here's last night's communication from Bishop James. Sadly, now the church doors are locked.

22ND March

Holy Communion video recorded: 

Here's the service sheet so you can follow along.

18th March

Our new daily pattern is:

8.30am - Morning Prayer (private, as recommended by the C of E).

9am-12pm - Church open for all for prayer, reflection and peace. For those who are symptom-free and please remain 2m away from others. Please follow the hygiene guidance. Surfaces are being cleaned every day. There are prayer sheets in church and a contact form you can fill in if you'd like us to keep in touch.

5pm - Evening Prayer (private, as recommended by the C of E).

On Sundays at 8am , Holy Communion will be said by Revd Ruth (in private, as recommended by the C of E).

Foodbank Collection
To maximise the opportunity for donations, items for the food bank can be left in the vicarage porch.

17th March

From today, we are advised by the Archbishop's to cease all public worship. Read their letter.

The most important thing to say is that we are still here and wanting to help and support in any way we can.

If you are self-isolating, lonely, worried or need some practical (non-contact) help with essential shopping etc - and would like to talk with someone then these are the numbers to call ... Janet 01622 710083, Aline 01622 716608, Alan 01732 220209 or me 01622 717434. There are other people too, willing to keep in contact with you and help out where they can.