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Posted by on Sunday, March 30, 2014 Under: Vicar's Monthly Letters
Dear Friends,

The Christian faith is full of apparent contradictions and paradoxes: Jesus was a man but God as well; Mary was a virgin but a mother; the Cross is a symbol of death but also of victory; "The first shall be last"; we find life through death, freedom through denying ourselves, etc . . .

Of course, these paradoxes should make us ask questions to try to help us understand our faith. But they don't need to make us doubt our faith; such paradoxes are surely to be expected when a super-natural God breaks into our natural world and also challenges our deepest attitudes.

So here we are this month approaching Holy Week, the Crucifixion and then the Resurrection, the crux of our faith - and "crux" means "cross". How can it be Good Friday when it marks the torturing and unlawful, barbaric killing of someone innocent of any crime? It takes a miracle-working God to bring something wonderful out of that, to turn that into a mechanism by which we can be forgiven our sin and become friends with our God.

Of course it's largely beyond our understanding. And so, for many people, it passes them by. Many of us only turn to God through desperation, without much faith at all - and then gradually and wonderfully find Him to be there and that the paradoxes are true. That's another paradox: that it's often through desperation and despair that we find joy, hope and meaning in our lives.

Happy Easter to you!

With best wishes to you,

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