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Dear Friends in the parish and beyond,

To the Jews it was three days, but to us barely a day separates Good Friday from Easter Day - but what a turn-around! Despair and hopelessness turn to amazement and then to utter joy as the disciples realise what God has done. Jesus is alive! It takes them months to begin to take it in and to assimilate it.

In the Christian faith, as in our normal lives, there is a close link between negative and positive; despair turning to hope, hopelessness to confidence, pain to joy, weakness to a new strength, darkness to light. In fact from the Bible it seems that you can't have one without the other; you can't experience joy, strength, hope and light without having had a full and - perhaps - recent, experience of the opposite. The one gives meaning and intensity to the other. Even the climate in this country seems to echo this: it is the dark grey cold of Winter that makes the explosive joy of Spring all the more intense. And in UK we are often in the midst of spring fever at Easter time.

Of course, when we are in the midst of tough times in our lives, we ask the question, "Will I ever escape from this? Will it go on for ever?" That's surely where our Christian faith gives us enormous hope: that with God there WILL be an escape; He WILL get us through and out the other side. With God darkness, pain and sorrow WILL give way to hope and light.

At Easter the disciples found it too good to be true at first, they didn't dare believe it. We may well be the same; it takes courage to hang on to our faith in God in the dark times. But we often have evidence from the past of how God did bring us through. And we have the greatest proof of all: that if He did it for his Son, He will do it for us too.

Alleluia! He is Risen!

A happy, joyous Easter to you!

With best wishes

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