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Dear Friends in the parish and beyond,

I was in the building society yesterday and was asked by the woman at the counter, "Are you looking forward to Christmas?" I suddenly realised that I wasn't sure what to say or what I felt; in the end I said, "Well, I'm a vicar, so I suppose I just take a big gulp and then get on and enjoy it." I expect most of you are in the same boat as the Christmas machine grinds faster and sweeps us all up inside it, before dropping us, exhausted, on the other side in January. And then it's new year, sales, grey days and we begin to head off into the new year and towards the Spring. 

So what can I take with me through the busy-ness of Christmas and on into a new year, something to hang on to through both seasons? For Christians surely it's a God who wants to walk with me through it all, a God who is quietly there in the maelstrom of Christmas - after all, He's the reason for Christmas - and a God who knows what lies ahead in 2016, even before we have entered it; a God who wants to guide us safely through the year, and a God who wants to keep us standing on the rock whatever the storms of terrorism and all the other uncertainties of life today. Without knowing Him in it all ahead of me and with me, I really would be afraid. But with Him there alongside me I find I can look at the next month and the new year much more confidently and with hope - despite the news.

A HAPPY Christmas to you, and a good 2016.

with best wishes,

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