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Posted by on Sunday, December 22, 2013 Under: Vicar's Monthly Letters
A happy and enjoyable Christmas to Everyone

I want to ENJOY Christmas this year! So often I hear people say, "Well, it's really for the children, isn't it." And obviously it's a busy time for me, as it is for us all. Sometimes I only enjoy it by mistake, as it were, when I catch sight of it in the face of a child, or when I let myself stop to enjoy the Christmas tree in somebody's bay window (the curtains drawn back for once), or when we let rip with everything we've got in the descant of a carol during the carol service. You know as well as me all the pressures of Christmas, and you don't need me to say, "Remember what it's about; remember Jesus"; that will only give people more of a guilt trip!

Kathy used to say to people, "Take time to smell the roses". I intend to this year, instead of blindly rushing from one thing to another, to make myself smell, not the roses, but the real Christmas tree in church, to savour the mince pies, to watch the children's faces in school and church, and to enjoy the reason for the season: Jesus. If i'm going to end up exhausted by it all, I may as well ENJOY the experience!!

A happy and enjoyable Christmas to you all!


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