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Posted by on Monday, February 4, 2013 Under: Vicar's Monthly Letters
Dear Friends in the parish and beyond,
Like me, you will probably have been following the latest controversies within the Church of England and the Anglican Communion. The issue of women bishops is the end of the issue of women's ordination, and it is likely to be resolved quickly. Those disappointed at the failure of the Woman Bishops measure last year need perhaps to remember that it is only 20 years since women were first ordained priest, so a short wait of a few more months or years is nothing in the scale of things. Far more enduring is the issue of homosexuality, especially Gay Marriage, which is likely to rumble on for many years.

In trying to work out what to think on these issues, Christians must give weight to the Bible and its teaching. It won't do to go simply by current popular opinion. It still isn't easy to weigh up Biblical evidence, because of different interpretations and because Christians disagree on how much weight should be given to different passages and rules. Things which are mere customs in Bible times may be set aside, while moral guidelines should presumably remain unchanged. There is not a lot of teaching on homosexuality in the Bible, but certainly I believe that practising homosexuality is not right and I will not be taking any gay marriages or blessings. That is just my understanding, and I have to accept that I may be wrong. Moreover, I find nothing in the Bible to suggest that practising homosexuality is any worse than any other sexual sin or, indeed, than any of the other sins we all commit. But that still does not mean that I will accept it. In the end, I must concern myself more with what I believe God thinks than with with what current popular opinion is.

Best wishes to you as you wrestle with some of the same issues and questions


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