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Dear Friends wherever you are,
Would you prefer a church which claimed that it had all the answers or one that left everything up to the individual because "Anything is OK"? I suspect that either extreme would drive people away because it's not God's way. The first view leads to smug self-assurance, the feeling that, "We've got God taped", while the second leads to a weak church full of people unsure what they believe and not daring to stand up for anything. You can find both sorts of church in England today.

The bible is there for us to be able to work out our faith, and God expects us to think about what we believe and to question it. A blind faith won't last through all that life throws at us; God wants us to have a core certainty, which should grow as we test it and Him out and find it to be true for us. At the same time, for all the Bible and The Holy Spirit's guidance of us, there are many issues about which seem contradictory. Surely we must constantly ask ourselves whether what we ARE sure of compensates for all that we don't know.

In this long period through the Summer our Bible readings follow the young church's growth after the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, and the colour of the altar cloth is green, to suggest growth in the Church and in our faith. It's good to ask ourselves whether we ARE growing in our faith. That can only come through questioning it and testing it out, hard as that often is.

With best wishes to you as you, like me, work at your faith.

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