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Dear Friends wherever you are,
On programmes like "X Factor", the participants are asked, "How badly do you want this?" and the stock answer is nearly always, "I want this more than anything. I'm going to give 150% [or anything up to 1000%]. I just LOVE all this, and I want this for the rest of my life". "This", is usually all the trappings: the photo shoots, the screaming crowds, the adulteration. It's the pursuit of fame for it's own sake. However they get there doesn't matter; it's getting to the crest of the wave that's important, getting into "Hello" magazine. And the Olympics will produce lots of instant heroes, people who come out of nowhere to achieve gold medals. And if they look good, all the better, that's part of the cult of celebrity, isn't it.

Part of the cult, also, is our liking to build people up into heroes, only to begin to shoot them down, finding scandal or points to criticise about them: a few inches on the waistline, an unguarded comment, their dress sense, or even just their current hairstyle. Managing fame is even harder than becoming famous, it seems. We'll prod and pry until we find holes. Relaity TV actually sets out very deliberately to do this. 

Who can survive the process? It seems to be those who keep their love of the sport, the music or whatever made them famous, and who avoid taking their feet off the ground to pursue their celebrity status. The discipline of their sport or music keeps them grounded and helps them to cope when the headlines turn against them. And that helps them to grow into better, stronger people, all the better for the way they cope with criticism. Think of John McEnroe, "Superbrat" on the tennis court, who can actually laugh at himself now instead of chucking his racquet about and swearing.

A Christian faith certainly helps too, and it's wonderful when sports stars speak about their faith. Unfortunately, very few in the entertainment world speak about a Christian faith, and Cliff Richard gets pilloried when he does. We don't have to keep proving ourselves to God, as we do to a demanding public, and He helps us keep our feet on the ground, reminding us how small we are compared to Him. He also picks us up when we go wrong, and helps us cope with criticism. It's such an inspiration to see the way the Queen speaks openly about her faith, but without offending anyone, and finds in it the strength to cope with her job and with all those looking for things to criticise.

Isn't it good not to be famous!!

Best wishes to you.

Verse of the month:
"We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them that are called according to his purposes."
Alternative translation: "We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28


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