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Posted by on Thursday, May 30, 2013 Under: Vicar's Monthly Letters
Dear Friends in the parish and beyond,
Recently I was speaking in church about "Random acts of kindness". It was something that I had first heard about through the radio and TV: people experiencing kindness from people they had never met. For example, one person leaving a car park was told that the driver in front had paid her parking charge. Another person, again in a car park, returned to his car to find a note: "I saw that your ticket was about to run out, so I bought you a new one." You can Google "Random acts of kindness" on the internet and find all sorts of examples. On one website I saw a photo of a couple with their toddler and the message, "A memory stick with these family photos on was found in the Farnham area. Please help to reunite it with its owner."

If you are like me, it's all too easy to see people as obstacles, getting in your way on pavements or in the aisles of supermarkets. Seeing others - strangers - as people we can help in small ways is a completely different way of looking at them. Just a smile or holding the door open can make a difference to someone. And isn't this the way that God sees us: important to him just as people, irrespective of who we are or of what we have achieved? Worth sending his Son for too! Worth doing things for.

I don't have this attitude all the time, but I have found that when I exert myself to do it - and it does take effort - it transforms the way I see people. It changes me, as well, I hope, as doing something for the people I come across.

Best wishes to you this Summer,

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