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Dear Friends,

I meet many people for the first time when they come to ask about having a baptism or wedding in this church because of family links. Their parents or grandparents were married here, or they used to attend services here when at St Peter's School, or they lived in Aylesford many years before. They can't really explain why the church has such a pull on them, but I've learned just to respect that rather than urge people to try to pin down their reasons more exactly. Sometimes people come back to this church because they were married here 40 or 50 years before, just to remember.

And then when they come into church memories from years ago get stirred up. They wander around quietly, lost in the past, looking and remembering. I find it humbling to think how long this church has been here (the tower nearly 1000 years!) and to see parts of the floor worn away from generations of feet treading the same spot. There's a feeling of being connected with the past, our own past or others' of being connected with something unchanging - and with someone unchanging too. So when they come for their child's christening or for a wedding in this church they are taking their place in a vast line of people stretching way back into history, who also came here for the same reason. And, in a way they can perhaps only dimly sense, they are connecting with a God "who is the same yesterday, today and forever".

Best wishes to you,

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