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Dear Friends in the parish and beyond,

I'm writing this near the end of the school's Spring term, so there is lots going on in the schools to do with the events of Holy Week and Easter. Elsewhere you will probably see what I have written about the very powerful week in Aylesford Sports COllege when the Prayer Room was open, and the deep questions and searching that was going on. Meanwhile, in church we took 130 children from primary schools, through the events of Holy Week, visiting interactive "stations" round the church. Afterwards, I challenged them with whether it mattered. "So what! Does it matter? Things that happened 2000 years ago. Do they matter to us?" I got some interesting answers, and also some puzzled looks as I wanted to get them questioning rather than just give them my answers.

The church was founded on those two claims in the Bible: that Jesus somehow died on our behalf, and that He rose again from the dead. Does it matter to us today whether those claims are true? If so, what difference do they make to us? As we move into the year away from Holy Week, can we just forget them as easily as we finish our Easter eggs and throw away the silver foil? The disciples waited for the Holy Spirit to empower them at Pentecost six weeks after Easter, and then they took off all over the known world; but the message they took with them was of a Jesus who died for us all and who came back to life, and of the enormous difference that can make to our lives.

Those two claims remain the core of our Christian faith; we can never bypass them or get beyond them. And why would we want to? After all, they mean for us that we can be God's children through Jesus' crucifixion, and that we can be sure of a life after death with Him through his resurrection.

With best wishes

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