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Dear Friends,

Many of you will be deciding who to vote for in the coming general election. I have to be more than usually careful what I say about the election since I can't vote in parliamentary elections as I do not have a British passport (I can vote in local and European elections). Here are a few guiding ideas.

Firstly it is good to exercise our right to vote. We may well be cynical about politics and politicians and we won't find any party which wholly matches our views, but I think we do have a responsibility to vote. It's a hard-won right and it does matter. Voting ensures that MPs remain accountable to the people. And deciding to vote involves doing our best to work out which party/candidate is the best one to vote for, rather than say, voting for one who looks good in photos.

Secondly, no candidate or party will suit us exactly, so it's a case of balancing issues. While a single issue may be very important to us or to a particular party, we need to look also at the broad range of their policies. Surely, too, we need to try to consider what would be best for the country, not just ourselves.

Thirdly, we need to look at both the parties and the local candidates. Some people will feel it vital to vote for a particular party while others look more at the local candidates. I know in past elections my wife has also considered the current MP's voting record in parliament; some voters will feel it important that an MP toe the party line, while others will say that he/she shouldn't always follow the party's view.

Finally, in a democracy there seems no reason why people should not choose to vote tactically i.e choose to vote for a candidate or else choose to vote to try to stop a particular candidate!

Best wishes to you as you try to work out who to vote for!


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