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Posted by on Tuesday, November 5, 2013 Under: Vicar's Monthly Letters
To all you readers of the magazine or looking at the website,

Sometime in August the weather just begins to tip and you realise that we're on our way into Autumn. Then the days start shortening fast, the first frosts come, the heating goes on, and we brace ourselves for another Winter. Quite often, especially when it's cold and miserable, I'm asked which of the places I've lived in I like most, either in this country or abroad, and whether I wouldn't like to go back somewhere exotic and warm.  

Of course, it's always easy to notice all the negative things about the place you're in and idealise somewhere else. I found this particularly when I first came to this country 40 years ago and learned that it wasn't quite the promised land I'd always imagined it to be. And yet we all know people who do nothing but find fault with anything and who criticise; I didn't want to be one of those people when I came over here. Over the years I've learned to look for all the good things about where I am and, yes, to notice, but not to dwell on, the unpleasant aspects. Otherwise, it's all too easy to lose yourself in discontentment. And there are always LOTS of good things to notice and to enjoy. I've also realised that any place, no matter how superficially wonderful, has its drawbacks, even the beautiful beach resort in South Africa where my parents lived for some years. I also found when I was there it is possible to be miserable in paradise! I remember one woman living in a gorgeous house, with a lovely view of a sparkling blue sea, her garden full of orchids and tropical plants -  and yet she was miserable! The capacity to appreciate things and to be contented - or miserable - is within us.

Of course, what makes a huge difference is whether we believe we are in the right place or not. I have lived in places I may not have liked, but believing that that was where God wanted me for the time being has enabled me not just to cope, but to look for and to enjoy, so many good things about that place. And in the end, it is the people you meet and mix with who make a place.

So, yes, we love visiting places, especially warm ones! But we are always delighted to come home and to know we are where God wants us to be. And, as I've said quite often, we couldn't be happier here in Aylesford!

Best wishes to you,

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