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Dear Friends in the Parish and beyond,

This year we will be marking Remembrance Sunday as we always do, and of course this year we will be particularly remembering the millions who gave their lives in World War I.

I was interested to read an article in the "Church Times" newspaper suggesting that by holding Remembrance services the Church is helping to confuse people: suggesting that dying for your country is the same as dying for your faith. I've been mulling that over since reading it and I'd be interested in hearing what you think. Certainly, I usually use the reading "Greater love has no-one than to lay down his life for his friends" in John 15 and it's an easy jump from men and women dying in war to Jesus dying for us, and his disciples following his example. Jesus was referring to people dying for their faith in Him rather in their country. And yet what we emphasise in our Remembrance services is that people may well not be dying for love of their country so much as for love of the people in it; and of course they may not even be thinking of either the country or it's people or of wanting to make any sacrifice - they are simply doing their duty. For me, that is the very thing I admire: that they probably didn't intend to do anything great, they were just doing their duty, and yet, in their small way, they were doing what Jesus did, albeit that He deliberately gave his life, and that his death, the Bible says, was unique in putting us right with God.

So I am very happy to make the link between people dying in war and what Jesus did for his followers. Of course, we weigh up the rights and wrongs of getting involved in any conflict, and there is a long tradition in this country of people of all faiths and none working out their own stance on a particular conflict in question. But I find it a wonderful thing that people, in their own small way, can emulate Jesus in dying for others.

Best wishes

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