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Posted by on Saturday, October 1, 2011 Under: Vicar's Monthly Letters
Dear Friends, wherever you are, 

A thought for Harvest:

I always seem to choose the wrong checkout queue in the supermarket, which gives me plenty of time to look at what everyone else is buying. And since I am nosy, I look at what people in front and behind me are buying; sometimes I get into discussion with them about their purchases - to Kathy's embarrassment! I'm often surprised at what they have chosen, and at the combination of articles; they must have some strange meals, I often think! Of course, it depends whether they are buying basic foodstuffs for survival or whether they are buying luxury things for special meals.

Jesus gave his disciples bread the night before He died and compared himself to bread, "The Bread of Life". Something basic, not a luxury, something they ate every day in those days, and probably today too. Something, too, that it is easy to take for granted or to lose interest in, in the search for more exotic foods.

So how essential to us is Jesus, how much do we take Him for granted, and how much strength do we get from Him, the Bread of Life?

with best wishes

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