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Posted by on Monday, September 30, 2013 Under: Vicar's Monthly Letters
Dear Friends,

Kathy was telling me enthusiastically today of something she's been doing over the last few days: making a list of things to thank God for one thing for each year of her life. She'd read an article by a Christian writer who said how thinking through her life and remembering things to thank God for, for each year had opened up all sorts of good memories and begun to fill her with thankfulness to God. "I felt stronger, closer to God. My brain had engaged . The passivity I try not to (but often do) associate with 'quiet times' had gone." Kathy had found it equally stimulating and encouraging in her faith. Remembering and writing things down made them very real, and brought back memories of all sorts of ways God has been at work in her life.

The original idea was to do this around the time of your birthday, but Harvest time might be a good time too. Of course, some of you will take a long time to get through the years!! I think it has taken Kathy a few days to get through to today!

I think I will try it, and you might also. Let me know if you do and what it was like.

With best wishes,

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