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Dear Friends in Aylesford, Eccles and beyond,

Over quite a few months we have been wondering whether to start a Food Bank for people going through tough times, and if we did, how we would administer it. This has led us to make inquiries at doctors' surgeries and schools to try to find out whether there is a need. There certainly does seem to be some need amongst families, but I suspect that those most in need are some elderly people, who will be the last to ask for help! 

In the end we have decided not to set up a Food Bank at present, but there is now one at West Malling, and the Maidstone Day Centre provides meals, food parcels and clothing for people from this area. In the church we have long helped Maidstone Day Centre, especially at harvest time, but now we are encouraging people to bring basic food and clothing ( we have a list of the things they particularly require) to church each week, and we deliver them to the Centre. It's good, when we bring up the Collection each week in church, to see a wicker basket brought up as well, full of tins of food, towels and clothing, ready to be sent off to the Centre. It's good, practical caring!

Meantime, if you know of anybody who needs help, please let me know and I will approach them discreetly.

Best wishes,

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