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Posted by on Tuesday, September 1, 2015 Under: Vicar's Monthly Letters
Dear readers wherever you are,

I never know when the weddings are going to come in the year. Sometimes it's June and September; this year it seems to be more during the school holidays. So at present I am in the middle of the wedding season: rehearsals, hyped-up families, joking ushers, grooms trying to stay cool . . . I am always struck by the words in the introduction to the marriage ceremony:

"Marriage is a way of life made holy by God."

In other words, it isn't just the institution of marriage, but MY marriage that God wants to make holy - and the marriages of those having their weddings in our church this year.

Holiness sounds such an other-worldly idea, and the word in Greek does mean "set-apart". But it does NOT mean set apart in an aloof or austere way. Jesus came to be Son of God right IN our world, sitting in fishing boats full of fish scales, getting stones in his sandals and having people irritating him. Jesus had to work out his purpose in the midst of this; he had to try to be holy as a man, a person trying to cope with life just as have to do. We go completely wrong, then, if we make holiness into something other-worldly, or "naff" or boring. It's rather, about finding purpose and meaning and joy right in the midst of our humdrum lives because we know that we are in God's will and he is at work. And it's the same with holiness in marriage: surely true holiness is not about cold chasterness and being nicely polite to each other. No! It's about having fun together, enjoying being friends together and being on an adventure together with God. And it's about being determined to get through, with His help.

So I usually enjoy the rough and tumble of wedding rehearsals, of stressed parents, children rolling on the floor, brides bursting with questions I haven't yet got to in the service, best men to tease. It's here that God wants to be at work, right in the midst of these families. This is where he wants to make them holy.

What a challenge to me to try to show a little of Jesus to these families at such a stressful time!

With best wishes,

PS. God says in the Old Testament, "Be holy as I am holy". That's some challenge!

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