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Vicar's letter_February 2015

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Dear Friends,

What is it about a new year that makes people feel that everything is - genuinely - new? I am always interested how many people long to escape from the old year into a clean new one. One woman has told me for THREE years running that she can't wait to get into a new year, and she says the same thing to me long into each new year. I am one of those who quite likes the old year, that sense that, like a pair of old slippers which are scuffed but comfy, I feel at home in the old year, that I know what it holds for me, even if it is a bit grubby. By contrast, the bare, blank new year seems quite alarming.

That real sense of cleanness and newness is something God wants us to feel all the time, a genuine ability to put behind us the mistakes of the past and to look forward, freed from the baggage of the past. That's surely what Jesus' forgiveness and the Holy Spirit's ongoing help want us to achieve. One image the Bible uses for us in our faith is that of a runner in a race. Greek runners ran naked; today runners still leave their tracksuits behind and anything else that might slow them down. The Bible tells us to "lay aside anything that hinders us in the race" (Hebrews 12:1) and to fix our eyes on Jesus i.e leave the past baggage behind so that we can look straight ahead and be free to run unencumbered.

We had our small grandson with us for a few days over Christmas and I particularly noticed his eyes open wide in innocence and trust, always looking to have fun and to have his needs met. I think God wants us to have some of that innocence through learning to deal with the past and accept ourselves - just as God does. And able, then, to look forward with confidence and hope.

Best wishes to you,



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