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Dear Friends,

I am very interested that almost without fail when I ask a wedding couple why they want to get married in church, the one who is insistent on church is not the woman but the man. We all imagine that the bride will want a wonderful setting for her wedding, and often she does agree that the church is the right place, but the one who usually insists on church is the man. This may well be from someone who says he has very little religious belief at all - he doesn't know if God exists! - and yet he still wants to be married in church. It's the RIGHT place, there's a sense of history, there's a sense of sacredness even, and, again, this from men who think only that there may be something there, nothing more definite.

This sense of wanting to connect with history and perhaps with a sense of the sacred underlies the desire of many people to visit churches and graveyards. Whenever our church is open, people wander in, and I often have phone calls from people researching family trees, or meet people wandering round the graveyard looking for the graves of relatives or simply looking at the gravestones.

In all this, people seem to feel that they can connect with what is holy through going into a church, perhaps when it is empty. At the same time they have a great scepticism about organised religion: church services and clergy; they don't want to be organised and they don't want answers. We who are Christians need, then, to be very careful not to try to give people pat answers or to pretend that we have all the answers. We need to be thinking, questioning people, otherwise we will just fall into the stereotype that people outside have of us sometimes: that we are simply unthinking and gullible. Yes, we believe that we have touched the truth in Jesus; yes, we believe that we have found some answers to our questions; but, yes, there are so many things we don't understand fully or perhaps at all!

Best wishes as you carry on looking for the answers!


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