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Dear Friends in the parish and beyond,
People sometimes tell me that they have trouble sleeping because they lie awake mulling over the events of the previous day and worrying about the future. 

I have found it helpful to me to make sure I put the past day to bed before I go to bed myself. It's all too easy to rush up to bed, my head in a buzz, and then not be able to switch off. So before I head for the shower at night I try to spend some time - just a few minutes - reviewing the day just gone: What have I achieved? What have been the joys? (Enjoy them and thank God for them). What things have gone wrong? (Pray about these; ask God's forgiveness, if necessary). What things am I worried about? What things still need finishing off? (Again, pray about these).

Having done that, I try to LEAVE these things with God; I've handed over my burdens to him. And if I find myself still worrying about them, I try to pass them over to him again.

I find this really helps me to go to bed appreciating the things I have achieved, rather than just thinking about all the things I haven't done. It also helps me to leave the problems with God and to sort out with him any mistakes I have made, so I can start afresh the next day. Oh, and I try to keep my rule NOT to look at my emails just before going upstairs!

Best wishes to you,

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