Funerals and Burials

It makes no difference to us whether you, or the person who has died, attended this Church - or any other church. If you live in Aylesford or Eccles we will be very ready to help you at this difficult time. Or, if you live outside the parish, you may still ask the Vicar to take a funeral if you have particular reasons for doing so. If you are wanting to arrange a funeral, contact Funeral Director and they will make all the arrangements, with us, for you.

Funeral services take place in church, followed by a committal at the crematorium or burial at a cemetery. Or else you can have the whole service at the crematorium/ cemetery and leave out the church service. You can choose which option you prefer.  People often have a church service if they expect a large number of people to attend or if they have special links with the church; on the other hand, people often have the service at the crematorium/cemetery if they do not want two ceremonies.

People sometimes assume that Aylesford Church controls the Aylesford Cemetery next to the motorway, but we have no say over that at all; that is under the control of Aylesford Parish Council (nothing to do with the church's parish council!). If you want to contact them, their phone number is 01622 717084. We do often get asked for a church service prior to a burial in Aylesford Cemetery, and that is fine.

The Churchyard

The churchyard, large as it is, is closed for burials because it is full. However, we do have a Garden of Remembrance in the churchyard for the burial of ashes. Please contact the Vicar or the Church Office if you are interested in having a burial of ashes.

For those of you interested in family history, we have rather poor records of the burials in the churchyard. But by all means contact the Church Office and the Church Clerk will help you if possible.

Book of Remembrance

We are very happy to add the names of anyone you would like included (free of charge). We remember them on the anniversary of their death and pray for their relatives. You are welcome to come into St Peter and St Paul's Church on or near the anniversary.

For enquiries, please contact:

Parish Office (Open Tues And Thurs 10am - 2pm)
Tel: 01622 719366
Fax: 01622 791746

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