'Care for Creation' Services

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'Care for Creation' Services

Care for Creation Services | November 2012

Aylesford Church Environmental Group prepared two morning services on November 18th on the theme of our responsibility as Christians to care for God's Creation.

At the 8am service, four members of the group each said a few words (download 8am talk), and at the 10am service we had an interesting talk (illustrated with a quilt!) from Helen Longley, a Reader from St. Peter & St. paul's Church in Tonbridge (download 10am talk). She referred to the Pilgrim Fathers weathering hard winters when they arrived in North America. She used the quilt as an example of how, by recycling just scraps that might otherwise have been thrown away, and by all joining together, something big was achieved and the children protected. In a similar way we need to work together to protect Creation, and in particular our future generations.

Several members of the congregation contributed photographs or other pictures of the beauty of the natural world, which were displayed at the back of church.

Although the problems are huge, we can all do our bit to help, and everyone was given a slip of paper to take away, with a Fact (about energy use, waste, loss of biodiversity etc) to think and pray about, and a related Challenge.

Claire Sullivan and Iris Neel 

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