A Trip to the Shetland Isles

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A Trip to the Shetland Isles

A Trip to the Shetland Isles

Claire, Iris and Frances shared with us all who "took up the challenge" to take a trip to the Shetland Isles. A holiday they went on last July - 'enjoying' strong winds, mist, rain and a little sunshine in temperatures not reaching much more than 14° whilst we here in the South East were enjoying temperatures between 26
°C - 33°C!

They shared their magnificent photos of places they stayed at, walked to and sailed to, plus significant and interesting details of rock formations over the centuries, the histories of the peoples who lived there in times gone by, the industries that flourished but sadly now long gone and the ties with the Norwegians.

We were all enthralled and this probably generated "stirrings" within us all to "get off our butts" and travel there.

The three of them had put so much time and effort into producing such an informative afternoon, they deserve all our grateful thanks.


Lin Lloyd

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