Africa Day of Prayer

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Africa Day of Prayer

Africa day of Prayer | March 2013

Saturday 16th March was our 11th Day of Prayer for Africa, and I found it uplifting and inspiring. From 10am - 4pm we heard about many, many small-scale projects being run all over Africa by people in this country. Being small projects, they are closely supervised by the wonderful individuals who have started them, so money and goods sent out are carefully monitored and administration costs cut to a minimum.

Many of the projects bring schooling to children who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford school fees and uniforms. I was amazed at two young people from a church in London who help run a project in Kenya. Through their visits they had discovered that many children were disabled by a disease called jiggers - apparently, fleas which burrow into the feet and fingers, and lay eggs, which hatch into very harmful larvae under the skin. A group who went out from the UK were trusted to bathe the children's feet and hands and then to dig out all the eggs with needles. The photos they showed us marked an enormous change from listless, apathetic children who couldn't run about, to lively, smiling youngsters running around on perfect feet! All of this accompanied by Christian Love.

We rightly have questions about whether money raised in this country reaches people who need it. These small projects answered my questions, and it was wonderful to hear about them and to pray for them.

Thank you SO much to Clare, Iris and Frances for the vast amount of organisation and for the delicious, homemade lunch.

Chris van Straaten 

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