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Aylesford Church Junior Choir

Posted by on Wednesday, July 10, 2013 Under: Aylesford Choir

Aylesford Church Junior Choir

Aylesford Church Junior Choir

The Junior Choir has been built and led over the last few years by Helen, assisted by Brenda, Tina and Lizzie. At first, the enthusiasm of the Junior Choir was somewhat restrained when it came to services, but now they are full of confidence and provide a fantastic lead week in, week out. Whilst this has been a gradual process, particular note should be made of the solo work done by "The 3 E's" - Ellie, Elouise and Emily - as part of this year's Good Friday oratorio, Maunder's "Olivet to Calvary". 

The Junior Choir is very much valued, for their great singing  and for their liveliness and enthusiasm. All this, of course is down to the brilliant training and leadership of Helen who this year reaches a massive 45 years of service to this church - 28 of them working with me (which is a challenge in itself). I for one am very grateful for Helen's professionalism and skill, both as a trainer and a musician, and I know just how much work goes on behind the scenes to produce the fine Junior Choir we have today, from recruitment around the schools, to training using the Royal School of Church Music's scheme and courses.

As ever, we are looking to recruit new members across the entire choir, so why not join our successful - and we like to think fun - group, whatever age you are? Click here for more information.

Michael Keays

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