Aylesford Community Concert

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Aylesford Community Concert

Aylesford Community Concert | November 2012

On Saturday 10th November 2012, the church hosted a community concert. Not a fundraiser but rather an excuse to look at some of the major events of 2012. A mixture of readings from the works of local author Charles Dickens were mixed with a variety of musical times which in the main were written since 1952. All of the musical items had some relevance to the Dickens works that had been selected.

Given that it was the London Olympic and Paralympic year we had our own opening ceremony with all of the adult choristers being led to their seats by a junior singer. Each junior carried a lantern which was then placed at the altar. There were also 5 candles representing the olympic rings. Each candle being one of the olympic colours! We also had memories of the year read out by Aileen Ongley. We also delved into Oliver Twist, with the words being brought to life by Brenda Sladen, Lin Lloyd, Jenny Baker, Matt Baker and Shawn Collings. Helen and Michael coaxed the choir into being raucous Londoners to sing some of the well known ditties from Oliver!

As I said, not a fundraiser, although £175 was raised for the Organ Fund, but a bit of fun. Thanks to all who came and supported us, as well as to those who took part, or who lent items for display.

It is easy to come along and support these events but they do take some organising. If you have some ideas for a future event, why not have a chat with me. All you need is determination and faith that all will be well on the night!

Tina Bastow


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