Bread making, fun and games at the Children's Holiday Club!

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Bread making, fun and games at the Children's Holiday Club!

Bread making, fun and games at the Children's Holiday Club!

Each half-term holiday Aylesford Church holds a one day Holiday Club for primary school children. It lasts from 10am - 3pm and takes place in the Brassey Centre, Station Road in Aylesford village. The club in October was typical: 20 children piling in with their lunch boxes, some timid because it was their first time, some marching in confidently, ready to play dodgeball; we usually begin with that!

We sang, did crafts, made bread and talked about being good for seeds for God (thinking about Jesus' parable of the sower). About 20 adults and secondary school children helped run the club, so we were able to take care of the children. Sometimes we have children at the club who don't go to school at all, so the club is a good time for them to mix with other children and adults, an to join in group activities.

After lunch, it was games! In the Summer we have water games, but in October that's not so popular. Instead, we had a shoe-kicking competition (one shoe ended up on the roof!), various ball games and a new game which required children to bend down and pick up a cardboard tube with their teeth. I kept cutting more off the tube until it was only about 4 inches tall, but still most of them managed to contort themselves low enough to reach it. The adults didn't even try, and the teenagers found it particularly difficult!

It was a happy time; the children went home tired, with homemade bread, boats and other craftwork. We hope - and pray - that they also took home Jesus' words.

Thank you to Jenny Relf, Janet Holdstock and all the other helpers for the huge amount of effort that they put into these clubs.

Chris van Straaten

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