Children's Church Wedding

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Children's Church Wedding

Children's Church Wedding

We had a great time in Aylesford Church recently: 100 excitied children from Aylesford Primary School arrived on a Monday morning for a pretend wedding. The children were all dressed up for the occasion: smart party dresses for the girls, suits, waistcoats and bow ties for the boys and all the teachers wore rosettes - one even wore a hat!

We sorted out who everybody was - bridal couple, parents, best man, ushers, numerous bridesmaids and page boys, guests, official photographer - and then they all went out ready to go for it real. I wanted the children to experience what a real wedding felt like as much as possible, so we lit candles, put ribbons on the pew ends and prepared the wedding music on the CD system. I put on my robes for the wedding.

We were ready to start. To the strains of Lohengrin, the bride walked down the aisle accompanied by her "father"; she was all in white, with a veil and holding a posy of yellow carnations. We all sang a verse of "All things bright and beautiful", and then we were off. The bride and groom, Amy and Harrison, made their promises very clearly and well, and the Best Man, Connor, produced the ring. Everyone applauded, but I didn't invite the bride and groom to kiss!

After prayers and a pretend signing of the registers, the bridal party trooped out into the sun, followed by the 100 guests who were given confetti to throw at the bridal party and photos were taken. Afterwards it was back into the church to toast the bride and groom with squash, and then we talked it through.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope the pupils did too. One boy said to me, "I am going to my Aunt's wedding soon. But now I know how to do weddings!"

Chris van Straaten

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