Christian Aid Week 2013 total

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Christian Aid Week 2013 total

Christian Aid Week 2013 total
| June 2013

Thank you for an amazing Christian Aid Week. Thank you to the people who gave and those who collected, as well as the people who organised and gave concerts in Eccles (and those who went to them).

The grand total is:


which with Gift Aid should increase to


I hope people were able to enjoy doing the house-to-house collection. I know that this is probably the only occasion in the year when I have the opportunity to meet many people in the parish, and I welcome that opportunity.

Earlier this year, when we met the lady from the Dabane Trust in Zimbabwe, she asked us to say "Thank You to all those people thousands of miles away" who don't know the people she works with, and yet are prepared to give money to make their lives possible. Even small amounts of money can go a long way in poorer countries, and make enormous differences to poor people's lives.

Iris Neel

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