Church website six months on . . .

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Church website six months on . . .

Church website six months on
| April 2012

Have you visited the church's new website yet?

It is still new even though it is six months old! It went live on September 25th 2011 and was officially launched on Back to Church Sunday.

In these six months there have been over 4,000 viewers which is really good for a church website. 53% of these hits have been new visitors while 47% have been returning visitors. So it is really evenly balanced.

These visitors have come from 43 different countries. Apart from the UK we have had hits on the church website from people in countries ranging from the USA to the United Arab Emirates, from Singapore to Serbia, from Peru to Pakistan, Albania to Australia, from the Bahamas to Brazil and Trinidad to Tunisia. Our church, for a variety of reasons, has become international.

Most of the visitors to the website (70%) come through browsers such as Google. A significant percentage (15% hit our website direct while the other 15% come through links with other websites. Whichever route people come to the website, what is important is that it is proving a popular and very important link for the parish to the local, national and international community.

What are people looking for?

Obviously the homepage is the most popular page, but second is the one detailing groups in the church and then comes the gallery of photographs. Clearly pages detailing news and events, weddings and the Brassey Centre are also popular as is the pages where sermons can be downloaded.

So be sure to hit the website regularly! And encourage others to do the same! It is updated regularly and has already experienced a number of developments in its six-month history. If you have some news or events you think should go on the website, email the details to Chris, the Vicar ( and her will pass them on.

The website is becoming a major asset to our church in strengthening and expanding our community links worldwide and in spreading the Christian message.

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