Food, Glorious Food

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Food, Glorious Food

Food, Glorious Food

The Harvest Supper on Saturday 5th October had a real celebratory atmosphere and was well attended. Cheerful and relaxed, Barbara Sladen and her catering team showed no signs of what must have been a very hardworking day preparing both the food and the Brassey Centre venue, where tables were set out café style and beautifully decorated with Autumn foliage.

As more and more people arrived conversation increased the noise level, which was only quietened briefly while Chris said Grace. Generous portions of Shepherds Pie, with mixed vegetables and gravy were served and proved as appetizing as they smelled. For the extra hungry, seconds were available while the rest of us sipped our wine and chatted.

The evening’s entertainment between courses was provided by the St. Peter and St Paul’s Church Junior Choir conducted by Tina Bastow and accompanied on the piano by Michael Keays. Ellie Robinson, although slightly nervous, showed great promise in the introductory solo. The rest of the enthusiastic group then joined in a medley of songs, including, very appropriately, ‘Food, Glorious Food’ from Oliver!  This, if possible, added to the enjoyment of the apple pie with cream or custard that followed.

Kathy’s quizzes were introduced with the coffee and we puzzled our way through the cryptic clues to world capital cities or tried to put names to photos of irritatingly familiar faces. Amazingly several people got most of them correct. Altogether a delightful evening where the food, entertainment and good company invoked contentment.


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