Green services

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Green services

Green Services

On Sunday, 17 November, we had the pleasure of a visit from Professor Sam Berry, who is a retired Professor of Ecology.

At both the 8 o'clock and the 10 o'clock services, he was interviewed by the Vicar, the Rev Chris van Straaten.

During this informal interview, Chris was able to acquaint the congregation with the Prof's Career in working towards making the world at large more aware of the way we were squandering all the riches that had been heaped upon us by God. Sam Berry was able to speak as a scientist who is also a Christian, and told us that despite what we might hear, there are many of them!

At the beginning of his talk at the 10 am service, Professor Berry reminded us that in Genesis. God put mankind in charge of this wonderful world He had created, and did not give us a licence to abuse the environment. We are made in God’s image  -  we think of God as caring and being consistently “there”, for us  -  so we should be, too, for the rest of Creation.

He also talked about the work of the Christian environmental organisation A Rocha.

Leaf shapes cut out of paper, were handed to the congregations at both services, and the people were asked to write a short prayer on each leaf.

80 people responded and these prayers were pasted on to the cross. See the illustrations.



It would take 3 and a half worlds the size of earth to cope with the way we are expending resources. The Environmental group put up a model of the earth above three and a half models of the exact size as earth, bringing home to us just how grave is the situation mankind has brought.

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