Gurkha Soldier speaks at Remembrance Sunday Service

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Gurkha Soldier speaks at Remembrance Sunday Service

Young Gurkha Soldier gives an interview
Remembrance Service 
| November 2012

About 300 people, including many children and teenagers from the uniformed groups, packed the church for Remembrance Sunday and Act of Remembrance.

We were thrilled to have a young Gurkha soldier, LCpl Jit, stationed in Maidstone. A very young man endeared himself to us by telling us that this was the first time he had been interviewed in front of so many people, so he felt nervous. However, he was a marvellous interviewee, telling us about Nepal (pronounced "Neparl") and his recruitment. He told us about the special Gurkha weapon, the kukri, and then showed one to us, a vicious looking flashing silver knife. Interestingly, that lived in his belt behind his back! I asked him who he felt he was fighting for as a member of the British Army, and he replied, "Britain", which won him warm applause; and at the end of the interview the congregation rose in spontaneous standing ovation as a tribute to this engaging young soldier and to all his comrades.

At 11am in the Act of Remembrance round the War Memorial, we remembered fallen soldiers and civilians. I thought of the two men from a Gurkha regiment killed last week, and it was moving to see the distinctive khaki hat of LCpl Jit amongst us all.

Chris van Straaten


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