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Introducing the Revd Ruth Peet

Posted by on Monday, February 11, 2019 Under: From the Vicar

Introducing the Revd Ruth Peet

I was born in Beverley, East Yorkshire. My late father was Organist & Choirmaster at St. Augustine's Hull, and one of my earliest memories is of the thrill of that building seeming to shake while Dad thundered out Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. So began a life never very far from the Church and its music.

A few years later the family moved to Kent, and wherever Dad went music-wise I followed, singing in various choirs. Eventually we ended up at St. Martin's, Eynsford, with my daughter, Corinne, singing in Grandad's choir. My husband Kevin and I loved the village so much, we made our home there, thinking that we would stay for ever, never imagining that God had a different idea!

It was about that time, the early 2000's, when the sensation that I now recognise as God's call, started. Like so many people, I ignored it for years, learned that was futile, gave in, experienced the peace and joy that comes with acceptance, trained for ordination at Cuddesdon and completed my curacy at St. Mary's Bromley, with help from Keston Parish Church and St. Mary's Shortlands. I will always be grateful for the support and encouragement from all previous congregations.

And then, on a beautiful afternoon last August, standing outside the west end of this church, reading the late Barbara Townsend's plaque ... "She so loved this church"... I recognised again the unmistakeable stirrings of God's call. "Yes - I can love this church too," I thought. No argument this time!

So here I am ... an ex-chorister, ex-churchwarden, ex-biochemist, ex-pharmaceutical industry project manager, ex-retail business partner, a lover of history and the outdoors (especially Cornwall), a scatty dog (x2) owner and a very blessed wife, mother and grandmother.

Today the building may not be shaking but the excitement is just as real. I am overjoyed to be joining you and looking forward to, together, being a church overflowing with love, grace and forgiveness, and so, to making God a known and irresistible presence among us and all around us.

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