Junior Choir Leader appointed

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Junior Choir Leader appointed

We are delighted to announce that Dr Paul Richards has been appointed as our Junior Choir Leader commencing 28th June 2018. Paul’s role will be to engage with local schools to encourage singing in a Junior Choir, which will contribute to our 3rd Sunday of the month “Come and Praise” service. In time, we anticipate that Aylesford Junior Choir members will wish to progress to our adult choir.

The Junior Choir Leader position is funded for three years by the Ouseley Trust, and gives us a great opportunity to strengthen our links with the local community, and to enable the younger generation to gain encourage teamwork and confidence in singing, valuable life skills.

Paul has wide experience, delivering musical workshops and leading musical groups. He works with people of all ages in both education and community settings, and has many years of classical training as well as widespread experience of performing in cathedral choirs, orchestral ensembles and rock bands.

Paul, who now lives locally, summed-up his mission as: “To develop an accessible, but respectable singing group for the young people that combines enjoyable singing and vocal tuition so that the junior choir can develop and be reputable in its own right, but also serve as a stepping stone in preparation for the members joining the senior choir”.

We very much look forward to Paul commencing his work, and to many years of successful choir training with the youngsters of our community.


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