Murder Mystery Evening - Friends Event

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Murder Mystery Evening - Friends Event

Murder Mystery Evening Friends Event 'Till Death Do Us Part '

8th August 2015

Till Death Do Us Part (A Vow to Murder) was the title of a splendid play presented by the Balancing Act Theatre Company. Lighting provided by the Southend Shakespearean Company enhanced the performance as did Wedding Music provided by Michael Keays.

The Acts were interspersed with hot soup (3 varieties for choice), and a well presented ham salad with hot new potatoes. The dessert course was summer pudding and cream when additional clues and information was given out to each table which were a help when we got down to deciding who the murderer was, over our tea and coffee. Our table had much fun and laughter deciding "who dun it". There were prizes for the table who got the correct villain also for the best dressed 70s style in the audience.

The whole evening was pleasurable and all credit must go to the cast; the co-ordinators; the waiters and waitresses; the cooks for giving hot food in a kitchen-less church to the 80 odd people present; the washers up in fact heartfelt thanks to the whole band of Friends of Aylesford Church who gave guests such a happy evening.


Photograph: Three members of the audience who won the 70s style fancy dress.                                                                                    

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