News from Kent Savers

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News from Kent Savers

News from Kent Savers

Aylesford Parish Church is supporting Kent Savers, our local Credit Union, in response to the Archbishop of Canterbury's call.

Kent Savers have recently introduced new services as part of its drive to serve people from all walks of life in Kent, and to be a real alternative to expensive banks and high interest lenders. More than 400 new members have joined on line, which is quick and easy.

Since September, Kent Savers are working in partnership with credEcard to give you credEcardplus, a current account with a difference. There are no credit checks and no overdraft charges with this account and it is available to anyone, whatever your credit score or financial history. Plus, you get a Visa debit card and cash back rewards as standard.

You can pay bills and shop online with the Visa debit card, and use it anywhere you see a Visa logo. Also, save money on treats and everyday shopping with cash back rewards.

Prepaid cards look like credit/debit cards and can be used in shops and over the internet to buy goods. Members can also use them to withdraw funds from ATMs and gets cash back in shops.  However, the advantage of prepaid cards is that you can't go overdrawn or build up huge debts. You must first "load" money onto the card in advance, and then you can only spend the money that is loaded on the card.

With credEcardplus, we will be able to transfer loans or share withdrawals onto the card. Once members have a card they can contribute to use it for further loans or withdrawals.

CredEcardplus also acts as a budget account designed to help with managing money to pay for essentials. More details can be found on the Kent Savers website.

The card is available to members of Kent Savers. Until the end of October 2014, there is no cost to acquire a card. From November the card will cost £10 to purchase.

For more about membership visit or call 0333 321 9050. By becoming a member as either a saver or a borrower, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping your community.

Gordon Hunt

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