Summer Fair review

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Summer Fair review

Summer Fair review | August 2012

Like all the rest of the country who had events booked on the 25th August, we all watched the weather and prayed. We got half our prayers answered!!! It was very wet until 1pm, my heart was in my boots, as stalwart people in true British style got gazebos up, tables out and games/stalls ready to do business. People started to come into the fair and it was up and running.

A lot of stalls didn't turn up but those that did, raised our spirits and a good atmosphere helped us enjoy the day. We raised £836.09 which gave us a profit of £686.09 after expenses, never the less its not a bad amount. Thank you to all who stuck it out on the day and the people who have been working for months behind the scenes. Also, a big thank you to the Community Centre and Football Club, their support was fantastic.

Ann Butterworth


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