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Sunshine and fun by the river

Posted by on Tuesday, June 24, 2014 Under: Community

Sunshine and fun by the river

Sunshine and fun by the river

The Big Lunch initiative has been running for several years throughout the country as a chance for people in towns or villages to get together for a social occasion, to get to know each other and to have fun. In Aylesford our first one was two years ago when we were allowed to close the High Street to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Last year we couldn't close the street, so we moved to the lawns by the river between the two bridges and this year we used the same spot.

It was a GREAT time, up to 200 villagers picnicking in the sun, chatting and seeing friends we hadn't seen through the winter. Music gigs had been organised throughout the afternoon, and the more daring danced away barefoot, remembering  their youth! Children played games, and some games were organised for them as well. A one-man theatre chatted to one person at a time and, while he did so, cut out a silhouette of his customer. Then - a new event - a duck race from the old bridge to the new, taking advantage of a strong incoming tide. 100 small rubber ducks were hired out for a small donation to the Hospice, and it was amazing to see how quickly some of them went swimming off, while others got stuck in the reeds or in whirlpools. In the end, though, we only lost about half a dozen, thanks to the intrepid people in boats who went round scooping them up with children's fishing nets!

It was a lovely afternoon, organised by villagers and people in the church together.

Chris van Straaten

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