The Joy of Music and Worship at Aylesford Church

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The Joy of Music and Worship at Aylesford Church

The Joy of Music and Worship at Aylesford Church


Our music was abundant over the Christmas period! Our acoustics were just right for both events:

  • Christmas Brass Band afternoon concert - a hugely popular part of our Christmas at Church.
  • The 9 lessons and carols service with orchestra on a late Sunday afternoon
We had our usual Christmas Carol singing in the Village Square - there were over 100 people and it finished with a walk up the hill to the church for hot mince pies and mulled wine. The adults in the choir then visited all the hostelries in the village and sang - they were made very welcome.


The Christmas message is always central to our worship at this time. I was again very moved by the Midnight Mass. The Church was comfortable, full and quiet and the atmosphere to me, very reverential.

After Christmas, I asked the Choir Master, Michael Keays, about the acoustics in our beautiful Church. It was clear to me that the Orchestra was delighted to perform in this environment. Michael agreed that this was perfect for players, but difficult for singers. He has plans to make things better when the improvements are made to the Organ.

I was fascinated that acoustics could be "good for some and not for others" and also by the ways it can be improved. Perhaps Michael might enlighten us in a future Parish Magazine.

Happy New Year to all our readers.



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