Thoughts from a Younger member of the Church

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Thoughts from a Younger member of the Church

Thoughts from a Younger Member of the Church

When I was little I loved singing and my passion has only grown. Not just songs but adverts and jingles, anything with a tune would get stuck in my head. So when I heard there was an opportunity to join the choir it was an instant choice. I had a chance to sing with a real purpose

At first singing was the only thing I was interested in but as I progressed I really began to take notice of things. I started to listen to the readings more and enjoyed the format of the services. People recognised me and spoke to me so the feeling of belonging grew.

People in the choir have supported me throughout my learning and now my musical knowledge has grown, as has my confidence. I have completed three medals and performed a solo at the harvest supper.

I am also involved in the holiday club where children come for a day to do crafts, play games and have fun. Again at first I wasn't very enthusiastic, but now I really enjoy seeing the happiness it brings the children.

One of the things that really encouraged me is although I am a younger member of the church I am never treated like a child or feel like my thoughts are overlooked.

Ellie Robinson

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