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What a lot of Talent!

Posted by on Monday, March 10, 2014 Under: Aylesford Organ

What a lot of Talent!

What a lot of Talent!

A huge thank you to everyone who was involved in the Talents scheme in aid of the Organ Appeal - which is actually just about everyone, in one way or another! We raised almost £2,000 from this initiative (with a couple of initiatives still to complete), but more importantly discovered so many things with people can do - from rabbit racing to plant selling, from Christmas cakes to Christmas cards, garden tidying to energy savings, jewellery and clothes alterations to flower arrangements and cakes ( -lots of them!), and still a soup kitchen to come! In all, over 30 people ran some sort of initiative, but very many more assisted in 'sales', and of course by purchasing the wide variety of goods on sale. The Talents created a real "buzz" of excitement, and I for one finally got to know a few more people in the congregation!

So, an all round success - thanks to Chris for organising and thanks to all fundraisers!
We have now raised £44K for the Organ Appeal, which is fantastic - enough to start the process of getting the works underway: More to follow in the coming weeks . . . 

Michael Keays

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