Where is Your Treasure?

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Where is Your Treasure?

Where is Your Treasure?

The Church Holiday Club is by now a regular fixture and the show must go on, even though Chris and Kathy were away. Jenny Relf was the moving force and Janet Holdstock the leader on the day, Monday 17th February.

The theme chosen was "Where is your treasure?". it wasn't surprising that black hearted pirate hats and feathery parrots were turned out by the dozen as well as bread being kneaded and baked (ships biscuits?), treasure chests manufactured and pictures and a treasure island map produced.

Yo! Ho! Ho! and a bottle of run?! Well, in truth, no rum, but we did sing a song about it, thanks to Ellie.

It was good to have a lot of adults to help, younger and not so young, and including some new faces. Sue Holmes read "How the camel got his Humph!" to a receptive audience. We played some raucous games indoors and out. I was impressed by the skipping, especially when the children were joined by some ladies of more mature years.

The children were very kind to us and looked after the grown ups very well. They seemed to enjoy themselves too!

Gordon Hunt

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