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Watching over one another 
Sunday 6th September, 10am 

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This Sunday, we're back to A Service of the Word with Holy Communion.

If you'd like to be in church please book your place, as below. Or you can link in by Zoom - see below.

The theme will be 'watching over one another' because we'll hear Jesus say that that those who live in a kingdom community should watch over one another in love, gently pointing out when a brother or sister fails to live by the values he teaches. That's because to help each other live by Jesus' values will build the strongest community. I don't know what you think about this ... how feasible or appropriate it is to help each other turn away from non-kingdom values ... but we'll try to tackle it somehow on Sunday morning.

In the meantime, how well do you think the ordered pattern in the picture, represents our community? What holds our community together? If our community is a hive, who are the bees? The drones? Where do you go for nectar?

We're beginning to get more used to a different way of being in church, but if you haven't been yet, please be aware that it's a very different experience from before lockdown. Please see below for more information.


The service link is:

Meeting ID: 865 6397 3122
Passcode: 613976

If you are joining by Zoom, here is the service sheet. If you're coming to church, the service sheet will be supplied.

Here's this week's children's sheet.

Well done to David for getting the music quality sorted out last week. I hope those zooming in found it much better, and that it enhanced worship for you. Do keep your ideas for any improvement coming.

As safe as possible ...

Please note that the wearing of face masks in church is compulsory for all in the congregation, unless someone has a legitimate reason not to wear one.

We will continue to keep everybody as safe as possible. Sidespeople will guide everyone in a one-way route through the building. Movement during the service will be kept to a minimum. Other sanitisation and safety measures are all in place.

Following the guidance means that things inside church are different to what we're used to. For example, once inside the church, you will be guided to the next seat available - sitting in favourite seats is not possible for the time being.* Sadly, gathering for chatting and coffee is not possible, before or after the service. There will not be any singing (but there will be recorded music). We are also taking part in the Government's Test and Trace programme, so if you attend, we will ask for your name and contact details.

*If you have particular needs regarding seating, please have a word with Aline when you book. We will, of course, do our best to accommodate you.

Booking is necessary

With the 2m safe distance, it is only possible to fit 30 people in the church at once, and so, if you would like to attend this coming Sunday, please book your place with Aline (email or 07771 636 872).