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How many times? 
Sunday 13th September, 10am 

This Sunday, it's the more flexible Service of the Word with Holy Communion again. Everyone very welcome.

If you'd like to be in church please book your place, or you can link in by Zoom. Please see the Changing Church page for more information.

If you are joining by Zoom, here is the service sheet. If you're coming to church, the service sheet will be supplied.

Here's this week's children's sheet (which can help grown ups reflect on the theme too!).

How easy, or difficult do you find forgiveness? Last week we thought about watching over one another, nurturing and encouraging the best expression of kingdom values in our life as a Christian community. This week, we find out more about that community, when, in response to a question from Peter, we hear Jesus' words about forgiveness ... that we should forgive our sisters and brothers seventy seven times, in other words, limitlessly. How many times?! Easier said than done?

The sweets in the jar represent an overflowing, limitless capacity for forgiveness. Is your jar of forgiveness always full like this one? What things can we do to nurture a forgiving attitude?

We're beginning to get more used to a different way of being in church, but if you haven't been yet, please be aware that it's a very different experience from before lockdown. Please see the Changing Church page for more information.