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Sunday 18th October - Healing 

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This Sunday's service will be led by Charlie Bunker, as part of his training to be an LLM (Licensed Lay Minister, the equivalent of a Lay Reader in the Church).

This year, Sunday 18th October is the day on which we celebrate Luke the Evangelist, but Luke was also a physician, and so it's the ideal time for a service on healing. Charlie has taken up this theme to share with us a service that explores God's healing through his unendending love (as shown by Jesus) for each and every one of us - so, another way of looking at this is as the healing that comes through our relationships - with God, with Jesus and with each other.

Charlie's service will be good; please come and support him. What might not be so good is the Zooming, because David and Meike are away! But I will do my best. Please expect (hope!) to be able to link in as usual (details here).

If you'd like to be in church, please book your place, as here. Please book by 12 noon on Saturday.

If you are joining by Zoom, here is the service sheet. This is presented as a A5 leaflet, so you may like to print it as a booklet, if your printer will let you. If you're coming to church, the service sheet will be supplied.

Charlie would also appreciate feedback to help him with his training. Here is the feedback form, or if you would like to complete it online, here is the link: