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Awe and Wonder
Sunday 14th Feb, 10am 

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Sunday's service will be all about 'Awe and Wonder'. Mark (the Gospel writer, chapter 2, verses 2-9) describes a mountain-top experience that provided a glimpse of the glory of God. It's hard to make sense of the experience but it was a life-changing experience for the witnesses. Have you had an unexpected or intense awareness of the glory of God? Was it difficult to leave it behind? Did you want to hold onto it as every day life continued? Did you need to 'understand ' it or were you simply content to experience awe and wonder?

The 10am service will be a Service of the Word with Communion.

Here is the order of service.

We will go back to the original, usual Zoom link for Sunday services:

Meeting ID: 865 6397 3122
Passcode: 613976

Please link in from 9.40am onwards. Looking forward to welcoming everyone!

If you would like to share this week's theme with all ages in your family, here is the Ministry@Home sheet.

Ruth Peet, 12/02/2021